The Child Care Financial Assistance Program (FAP) assists families with their child care costs. To be eligible, a family must have a service need and meet income guidelines. A service need is defined as employment/self employment, seeking employment, training or education, Reach-up and Adult with special health needs. A Financial Assistance Specialist is available to help families with their paperwork and answer any questions they may have.

Apply online: click here for an application for Financial Assistance

In order to be eligible for child care Financial Assistance a family must have an eligible service need for child care and income must be within the established income eligibility guidelines. Acceptable service needs include:

  • Employment: Employment is any activity for which a parent receives compensation of at least minimum wage. Volunteer Work is excluded.
  • Self-Employment: Self-Employment is any business activity verified through most current tax return and business plan. The hours authorized are calculated by using a formula with minimum wage.
  • Training: Training is any activity this is likely to lead to employment within one year of completion.
  • Education: Education is any coursework such as GED, high school, or college. Post-Baccalaureate education is not an eligible activity.
  • Seeking Employment Seeking employment is any activity recognized as necessary to obtain employment. This is time limited and families can be eligible for 30 days.
  • Special Health Need/Parent: When a primary caretaker has a verified physical and/or emotional condition that precludes her/him from reasonable employment or training opportunities and the provision of adequate and necessary care and supervision of her/his children during all of the days/hours that such care and supervision is required.
  • Reach Up: Ask your Reach-Up case manager to submit an authorization for childcare to our Eligibility Specialist.

For more information contact Child Care Financial Assistance at 802-773-4365 or email the following staff:

Ann Hughes

Carrie Flood

Marcy Fenton